Hollywood Casino Phase 1

Hollywood Casino Aurora is continually at the cutting edge of the most current technology, especially in the areas of security and electronics. The current facility in Aurora, Illinois has over 800 cameras observing activities throughout the property. The demand of the casino industry also requires the facility to constantly have the most updated “glitz and glamour” finishes and the customer comforts. Because of R.C. Wegman’s ability to meet the repeated demands of Hollywood casino Aurora, they have been a satisfied, repeat client since 1991.

R.C. Wegman faced many challenges during the simultaneous construction of the phase one projects. Because the New York Street Bridge was in the process of reconstruction by IDOT, a cofferdam was constructed, restricting the flow of the river and connecting Pinney Street to the pavilion site. The cofferdam served as a bridge for transporting all materials and labor for the duration of the project.

The coordination and scheduling of labor, materials, and equipment was a complex task due to the limited access of the site. The enclosed pedestrian bridge, spanning over Fox River dam, provided more challenges. Any mistake could have resulted in a serious or fatal outcome. Through due diligence and extreme safety methods and procedures, the project was completed safely and on-time.


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