Hollywood Casino Phase 2

Hollywood Casino Dockside Gaming Facility in Aurora, Illinois gave R.C. Wegman the opportunity to build the impossible, an 180,000 square foot boating radius casino to encapsulate and join to the existing stationary pavilion. Nothing like it had ever been designed before. This one of a kind structure had to be completed within the constraints of the United States Coast Guard maritime ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) codes and City of the Aurora BOCA (Building Officials and Code Administrators) codes. Simultaneous to the construction, launch, and securing of the floating casino, RCWCC also completed a major renovation to the pavilion, constructed two surface parking lots, and added another enclosed pedestrian bridge and entry building. A Certificate of Occupancy was issued by the City of Aurora on June 16, 2002. All of these projects, totaling 220,000 square feet and $56 Million, were completed in 16 months.


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