Northfield / Echelon May 2021 Project Spotlight: Rolling Meadows Fire Station # 15 & 16

May 27, 2021

Architect: Healy Bender Patton & Been
General Contractor: RC Wegman Construction
Masons Contractors: Midwest Masonry Joe’s Masonry
Supplier: Northfield, an Oldcastle Company Echelon Masonry Products
Featured Masonry Products:
Waterford Stone: London Gray
Cordova Stone: Graphite, Groundface CMU

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Fire Station 15

Designed by Healy Bender and completed in 2019, Rolling Meadows Fire Station stands strong thanks to its quality masonry. Built well by Midwest Masonry, the brave men and women who serve there can focus on assuring their community stays safe. When the station’s staff are needed the most, they can rely on their station. As the community adapts and matures, Fire Station 15 will remain steadfast. The masterful design and solid masonry construction and materials gives the Rolling Meadows community a station to rely on.

Using Northfield’s high-end masonry products, like Waterford Stone, the design and skilled construction resulted in a remarkable finished building. In an interview, Cal Riegle and Wesley Wojton of Midwest Masonry, Riegle commented “Waterford Stone really tied everything together well, it was easy to install alongside the other masonry units that we used.” Wojton commented that, “The use of masonry is important in any public building. Masonry stands the test of time.” Riegle further commented that “Great teamwork between all parties involved in this construction really brought this project together.”

Rolling Meadows Station 16 was built strong by Joe’s Masonry and was also designed by Healy Bender Architects. According to their website, Fire Station 16 has highly trained specialists that continually strive to provide the safest, quickest, and most efficient response when they are needed by their community. With a beautifully designed and constructed building they can rely on, Fire Station 16 can serve its community for many years to come. Its reliability and beauty stems not only from its masterful design and construction, but also the highest-quality building materials that were used to build it. Just like Fire Station 15, a beautiful plaque was designed to sit above their main entrance. Superior design and construction, using unparalleled building materials, help Fire Station 16 uphold three strong pillars signifying the core values of the station:

Honor, Pride, and Tradition.

It’s a beautiful building. The architectural design afforded us an opportunity to use masonry in its finest form.” was one of the first things Rob Solfisburg of Joe’s Masonry had to say when interviewed. “This building will have a long lifespan. It gives strength to the municipality it represents.” Reliability in the station’s construction ensures that the heroes who serve there can be as reliable and efficient as possible when needed. A very unique aspects of this building is the archways bordered with striking Cordova Stone. Solfisburg commented that “The arched openings at the apparatus bays provide a bold focal point of the building.” Great attention to detail assured that these archways would end up strong and look outstanding. Beautiful design and masterful construction start with one thing: high-quality, reliable, and beautiful masonry products.

Featured Products

Waterford Stone

Northfield’s Waterford Stone is a reliable and beautiful option for many masonry applications. Waterford Stone evokes the natural, time-honed look with its beautiful antiqued edges and textured face. This hand-cut stone allows for unparalleled design flexibility. A diverse array of colors and sizes are available to suit any design need. Throughout Waterford stone, integrated color allows for an easy to follow and consistent, blended pattern. The majority of the stone veneer on this project is full depth, but with Northfield’s manufacturing capabilities, full bed stone was cut down to an adhered veneer which allowed for a seamless transition when needed wall-to-wall.

As a high-end large masonry veneer, Waterford Stone offers a high-end aesthetic look for virtually any building application. This look is highly reminiscent of natural stone. Because it naturally repels water and resists mold, Waterford stone will retain its hand-chiseled beauty for a very long time. The Modular format of this stone means less cutting, and less waste.

Cordova Stone

Beautiful Cordova Stone arches, like the one pictured above, were used in both fire stations. Cordova Stone has been used to build many massive structures, because it can be produced in monument sizes. Cut into many different shapes and sizes, Cordova Stone also allows flexibility of design. Cordova Stone is known for its durability, ease of installation, and its beautiful limestone appearance, all of which allow for an elegant and poignant addition to any building.

Custom Engraving

For any project, a custom engraving can add significant beauty. It can truly distinguish a building. Northfield has the ability to provide custom engraving for your next project.

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